Performance Arts

These arts are the practical aspect of using the magic we teach. You could use this magic to help yourself and others. In no way, you are advised to use it as a method for controlling someone’s will or life. These things are not good. You could try to influence on someone’s will, but that is associated with black magic. And we all know that black magic is a thing where Satanism comes along. You could try to manipulate someone, but after that, you will need to cleanse yourself in order not to harm your aura. Keep in mind that we also teach various aspects that come from many mystic branches. This is not a cult. This is a way of learning about magic and using it to improve your life. You could even try to communicate with higher beings as Crowley did.

Wait for Aleister Crowley? The bad guy?

Aleister CrowleyYes, this is the Crowley we are talking about. Some people consider him a Satanist who communicated with some demonic entity when allegedly this entity told him and dictated him what to write in his book. That entity called himself “Aiwass, ” and that book is called “The book of the Law.” Some people think that this is nothing more than a demon that used Crowley to write Satanic doctrine masked in some mystic teachings. Be as it may, this being told him some interesting things. Magic rituals that you will be taught are not benevolent, and these magical rituals are needed to be performed under the guidance of an elder or a master of these arts. So as you can see, you could be deceived and walk a path of darkness if you don’t obey certain rules. Demons are real, and you could easily fall to their will.

Can we use this magic for our cause?

Of course, that is a general idea. But we don’t believe that you should be using it for your personal gain. You could, but that is not the point. The point is that you should learn how to use magic and control the life forces that surround you. Keep in mind that these magic rituals are good if you want to learn about yourself and explore the very bottom of your soul. The power of will is important in these practical arts so you must arm yourself with patience and strength. If you want to make through, you will need to be determined. Nothing bad will happen so don’t worry. You will not be haunted by demons or thing like that. You will learn to use magic. And with the help of many mystic teachings that we combine in our school, you will be able even to enter realms that are full of supernatural beings.

Black Magic

However, be careful because these beings are not always friendly. To protect yourself from them, you will need to know how to use practical arts and even use them in our world as means of making your life easier.