Hermetic Arts

You have probably heard about this school or at least its name. It turns out; this order is the famous order of the Golden dawn. Hermetic arts are arts that were known to be kind of a practice that teaches you the very existence of your soul. Hermetic arts are those arts that revolve around magic, rituals and searching for answers. This isn’t a bad thing. You could easily step on the wrong path if you are not careful. To be a practitioner, one must learn to be patient and open-minded. These things could sometimes be hard. This world makes us weak, and we must overcome this obstacle. Our order is there to find the truth with the aspect of free will. Free will is very rare in these days and must achieve this through the practice of many aspects of Hermetic arts.

Rituals and magic

Hermetic Arts

If you think that these things are just an illusion or you have seen it only in fairytales, you are wrong. Magic does exist. To put it simply, magic is the art of controlling the life energy and using it for a certain cause. Magic is also needed when you want to control some aspects of your life. To control the living energy, you must know how to use it first. Keep in mind that if you use this magic to control someone, or to use it in a matter that is not good, some things might get back to you. Satanists use some if the magic rituals for bad things and we call this black magic. Their goal is to control someone’s will and as you can see that is not a good thing. Free will and choosing your path is the center of our teachings.

Is it dangerous?

It all depends on how you use it. If you listen to us and pay close attention nothing bad will happen. However, if you think that you know more than you know, then you might end up with a problem. These things are not to be messed with. Magic is a really serious thing. You are entering a realm where you will communicate and use the help of beings that are far more powerful that we are. If you summon a being that turns out to be a demonic or an evil presence you will be in real trouble if you don’t know how to get rid of it.