About the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn


Spiritual AlchemyThe Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn (H.O.G.D.) is the world’s premier school of instruction in the Hermetic arts and practical magic. Revived in 1977 with the guidance and blessing of Israel Regardie, and under the leadership of renowned Adepts and authors Chic and Tabatha Cicero, the H.O.G.D. traces its initiatic lineage back to the founders of the original 19th Century order and follows its structure and teachings.

Through its initiations, ceremonies, symbols and a comprehensive study syllabus covering such diverse subjects as Qabalah, tarot, astrology, geomancy and spiritual alchemy, the H.O.G.D. is a comprehensive system of practical knowledge and techniques showing the way to true spiritual advancement and enlightenment. There are no particular religious requirements to practice the system; men and women of all faiths are welcome.

However, be warned that the Golden Dawn system is not for the casual, the idle, or the merely curious. The Golden Dawn syllabus contains enough material for several lifetimes of study. The Light of the Hidden Knowledge can only be attained through determination, perseverance and constant application to the Great Work.

Students of the Golden Dawn system advance through a series of grades or degrees based solely on merit, requiring them to learn, understand and employ a broad spectrum of theoretical and practical esoteric knowledge and techniques. Students’ mastery of these subjects is tested in practical and written examinations. Passing these required examinations entitles the student to be advanced to the next higher grade within the Order. But the goal of this process is not merely the acquisition of dry theoretical ‘book learning’ and the attainment of hollow ranks and titles. Rather it is intended to develop and perfect real, practical magical skills which will enable the student to manifest true, lasting, meaningful inner change in his or her life

Keep in mind that this order has been known around the world. Great mystics have tried to enter this order. You need to know that to be a part of this order or this school of esoteric arts; you will need to be patient and armed with the strength of will.