About the Manhattan Temple

Manhattan TempleIn 2005, a Frater Adept with over fifteen years of experience in the Golden Dawn system applied for and received, a warrant from the Greatly Honored Chiefs of the H.O.G.D. authorizing him to open a temple in New York City.

On November 12th, 2005, the Manhattan Temple held its inaugural meeting, thus becoming the first operating Golden Dawn temple in New York since the legendary Thoth Hermes Temple of the 1920s.

We have grown from strength to strength ever since, perpetuating the teachings and ceremonies of the Golden Dawn system to a group of serious and dedicated practitioners of the Hermetic arts through our monthly temple meetings in New York and a highly-structured course of home study, group study and examinations.

To show our students the commitment we have in our souls and to show the strength that defines us, this temple will represent the will to continue to rise from the Earth and into the realms and astral plains to develop our soul and wisdom. If you think that you have seen everything, believe us you haven’t. This order and this temple will give you the experience you need to have to transcend and to gain knowledge about the things you didn’t know they exist. It will be a tough journey and only the ones who are determined to learn the absolute truth will make it.